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Research Park

What is the Research Park at South Dakota State University?

The Research Park at SDSU is the first research park in the state of South Dakota.  Our mission is to provide an environment where dreams become reality, businesses are grown, and knowledge, research, and resources are turned into economic opportunities.  
Where is it located?

The Research Park at SDSU currently sits on 125 acres of land, and is connected to Interstate-29 and the U.S. Highway 14 bypass.  We sit adjacent to South Dakota State University in Brookings.  

When did the Research Park at South Dakota State University get started and how?

The idea of this research park was started in 2004 by the SDSU Growth Partnership.  The Growth Partnership is comprised of the City of Brookings, Brookings County, Brookings Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), South Dakota State University, SDSU Foundation, State Representatives, and several private sector interests.  

Construction in the Research Park began in 2008 with Wing 1 of the Innovation Center.  Wing 2 was completed at the beginning of 2012.  The Seed Tech Laboratory located at the northwest end of the campus was built in 2010.  A spec building was added on the southeast portion of the campus in 2012.  

What is the Innovation Center?

The Innovation Center is the first building that was built in the Research Park.  It contains 43,000 square feet of office space that can be leased and customized to fit each business’ needs.  It was set up to serve as an incubator for new companies and entrepreneurs as well as established companies that serve as mentors.  

The Innovation Center also houses our Administration Office (Suite 146, 1st floor down wing 2 hallway) which is where you can find out more information about the Research Park as a whole.

What does it mean to ‘incubate a company’ and how does the Innovation Center do this?

Incubation is the dedication to help start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs create new opportunities by supplying targeted business resources and services in one convenient location.

At the Innovation Center we incubate companies by offering all of the following and more: 
Affordable office/lab space (existing or build-to-suit); 
Mentoring by well-established and successful companies; 
In-house business services (accounting, legal, etc);
Shared/network office equipment;
Free state-of-the-art conference facilities; 
Close proximity to South Dakota State University & partnership with faculty and students

What does the cost include?

The monthly cost of office/cubicle space includes the space itself, all utilities (gas, electric, etc) as well as all of the amenities featured in the list above.  The tenant is responsible for any phone and data charges. 

What are my options for leasable space?

The Innovation Center offers existing or build-to-suit office and lab space ranging in size from 170-2480 square feet.  Tenants can individually customize the space to meet their specific needs.  The Research Park at SDSU also provides land lease opportunities for companies to construct facilities or lease from private developers.